About Cambridge windows in EdmontonVinyl Max Windows and Doors is an Edmonton based renovating and home improvement company that specializes in high quality windows and doors installation. We at Vinyl Max Windows and Doors are proud of the products and services that we provide to our customers.

If you are not sure of why to choose us, we will be glad to explain that our services are affordable and Vinyl Max Windows and Doors is expert not just in replacing doors and windows but we can even design custom products for people who want our service.

Here are more reasons to choose our services:


Being one of the best windows and doors company, we have vast experience in replacing or installing windows and doors in  throughout Canada. Our services are equipped with 10 years of hard work, customer satisfaction and professionalism where, our employees have tried to make the most of every single opportunity we found.

Great selection

We offer a wide range of contemporary doors and windows in different custom shapes and styles having a huge variety of optional glazing, grills and colors.

Quality products

Our products are tested before being sent to any client for installation. They are properly engineered to make sure strength in performance and beauty. We try to maximize the quality of our products by testing them independently in order to satisfy and exceed the regulatory guidelines. Since our products met quality standards and products complimented the requirements of our customers, we became an active participating member of the Energy Star Initiative.

Superior service

We try to make sure clients’ satisfaction by implementing quality control and regular check along with employing experts who are capable of expediting orders with immense dedication of details.


We are committed to maximize customer satisfaction by providing comprehensive warranties on different products. If any of our products got damage and it still has warranty, you can claim replacement or maintenance of your windows and doors.

Vinyl Max Windows and Doors has the experience to meet all types of customers’ needs. We are capable of simplifying the most challenging project with competence and on budget and time. We initially create comprehensive strategies to know the steps in selection, installation of windows or doors and finishing. We are well experienced in enhancement, altering or retention of architectural characters in the home while offering up-to-dated performance in serviceability, maintainability and efficiency. So, just apply for any type of services and see how the results will come out!