Awning Windows

Vinyl Max Awning Windows

Awning WindowsIf your windows are old, leaky, cracked, or maybe just not your style, it’s time to consider installing Vinyl Max Windows and Doors’s awning windows. We offer well-crafted, durable and functional awning windows that will increase the attractiveness and brightness of your home.

The base of the Vinyl Max Awning Window is a casement window with a sash that is hung horizontally, hinged on top, so that it swings outward like an awning.
Awning windows provide essential peace of mind. They will also aid with heating and cooling costs, since our awning windows have the highest number of internal air chambers, giving them incredible insulation from sound and temperature changes. If the outside temperature drops to freezing or rockets to boiling, the technology behind our awning windows will ensure that you are always comfortable. The enhanced comfort and security provided by our awning windows is really a great choice.

Awning windows are used on a wider opening and can be kept open even in the rain. Enjoy fresh air without getting your home wet with this unique window style. These windows also add a very special touch to any room. With a wide glass body and colored frames that will not fade, our awning windows is a stylish and affordable way to showcase the elegance of your house and fashionable taste of its owner.

Stylish Hardware, High-Profile Style
We install exclusive top quality ROTO hardware on our awning windows, so you can be assured of their quality and convenience. ROTO uses the highest level of standards when making their hardware, which is one of the reasons we chose to use their hardware on our products. Our windows benefit from the ROTO design features and high-profile style. Window hardware is ergonomic, durable, and elegant while enhancing the appearance of your window and giving it a very personal touch to emphasize your personality.

Benefits of our awning windows
With lead-free uPVC powder compound, our awning window can withstand outdoor elements that would warp, crack, or blister other windows of lower quality. The lead-free uPVC compound is safe for your family and discourages the window from changing color with age. Where other windows would leak or frost up, the science behind our awning windows allows for greater airflow between panes. This results in better insulation from heat, cold, or noise. So, instead of listening to your neighbours, you will have the silence and tranquility in your home.
An awning window offers a classy feel to an otherwise uneventful room. Make a boring room really “pop” with our high-quality awning windows. With its safety features and ease of use, this window is a great choice for your home. Brighten up any room in your home with a classy and timeless awning window. Contact our experts today for a functional, affordable and attractive solution for your home.

We offer awning windows that our customers truly appreciate.

Bring the brightness of the outdoors into your home and use the windows of a trusted and well-recommended company: Vinyl Max Windows and Doors in Edmonton. At Vinyl Max Windows and Doors, your satisfaction is the most important aspect of our services and we have experts standing by to help you pick an attractive, new, affordable window for your home.

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