Edmonton Bay and Bow Windows

Vinyl Max Bay and Bow Windows

Edmonton Bay and Bow WindowsThe Vinyl Max Bay and Bow Windows are multi-panel windows that consist of minimum three panels which are set at different angles creating a protrusion from the wall line. The most common inside angles used in construction of the bay window are 90, 135 and 150 degrees. The bay-part is a fixed non opening casement window and two opening casement windows to the sides which make a curve or stay aligned. The bow-part consists of four or more windows which are curved taking a bow-shape.

Aesthetic Value of Bay and Bow Windows
Richly ornamented bay and bow windows can be found in medieval castles; they were essential part of residential Victorian architecture; they are widely spread in Canada, USA and Australia; and they are hugely popular today.

The bay and bow windows can make your living room or bedroom look different, spacious and dynamic. They can turn any ordinary living area to a chic modern space. The presence of a few panels brings the outside view closer to you, allowing the natural scenario to replace expensive curtains or paintings.

Advantages of Bay and Bow Windows
Our bay and bow windows reduce the air and water leakage by having their frames reinforced with vinyl pro which also strengthens the chambers, retain the color and reduce rusting and scratching. Due to presence of more than three windows the ventilation of the room is maximized maintaining the flow of air efficiently.

If you install a bow and bay window in a small room, it will become visually larger. Actually, this type of windows suits every style and every space.
The selection of the material will help in determining the cost of the construction. The vinyl variety provides an additional advantage of being low maintenance. There are also wood and aluminum types of frames used in making the bay and bow window.

Our professionals will help in making your house look spacious by developing customized bay and bow window designs that match your needs and budget. Professionally designed, the bow and bay windows can increase the value of your house and be the pride of its owner.

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