Double Hung Windows

Vinyl Max Double Hung Windows

Double Hung WindowsDouble Hung Windows are very popular. For the Alberta and other provinces of Canada, double hung windows are traditional. Originally having two sashes (movable window panels) that overlap slightly and slide up and down inside the frame, nowadays double hung windows have a little modern twist.
At Company Vinyl Max Windows and Doors in Edmonton, we offer the collection of double hung windows that designed and manufactured with modern functionality and energy-efficiency in mind to suit the urban offices and homes.

Features and mechanisms
The best thing about double hung windows is the use of UPVC and glass which are easy to manufacture and use. We have a vast experience in coming up with elegant designs which help in beautifying the exterior and interior of the offices and homes. The mechanisms which we incorporate in the double hung windows make it easy to close and open. Also we ensure that it remains waterproof and seal tight, not compromising on water or air leakages.

Double Hung Window Benefits
The merit of the double hung windows that majorly of homeowners taking into consideration is the essence of ventilation. The windows are self-adjustable depending on the customer’s needs and specifications. The selection of light modern materials for the window frame allows easier installation and requires less effort for replacement as compared to steel and iron windows.
Double hung windows are easy to clean: the mechanisms used in this type of windows allow one to be able to clean both sides of the window by a twist and a pull. In addition to that, most of the designs for double hung windows allow the removal of the screens for cleaning.

The use of vinyl in double hung windows makes them energy efficient, rust resistant and economical (since no addition cost such as repainting is required). Modern technology makes possible to modulate the level of ventilation and improve security by stripping and using of stoppers. The design of these windows makes it easy to use both in summer and in winter.
The selection of materials and colours makes the foundation for customization. There are different extrusions used in the manufacturing of double hung windows that leads to variety of styles and improve the aesthetic value. These windows are termed as green because of the energy that is saved in their operation. “Old is gold” is a familiar saying that insinuates that one can come up with modern ideas from traditional designs.

We offer you quality, safety, beauty and affordability. Together we always can find flexible solutions to improve your home and save your time and money.

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