Double Slider Windows

Vinyl Max Double Slider Windows

Edmonton Double Slider WindowsThe double sliding windows are mostly used in places where ventilation is vital. Here two sashes move horizontally in opposite direction to allow for opening. For maximum ventilation in places like kitchens and bathrooms they are installed so that they can glide to open a full portion of one side of the window such that when one is closed the other is fully open.

Double Slider Window Designs
There are different types of extrusions used to come up with styles to allow double slider windows to be efficient. There are about 50 designs presently in the window industry and we are happy and proud to be the ones to offer you a great selection to choose from.
The sliding windows have simple and elaborate mechanisms making it easy to slide by providing rollers which facilitate the whole motion. The frames and the sash (a movable window panel) need glazing and easy beading to lock them in place. The locking system allows independent motion of the sashes. Seals and striping are used to prevent leakages and noise.

Merits of the Double Slider Windows
Our double slider windows have been designed to make it easy to open, easy to operate and easy to maintain. The advantage of the sliding mechanism is that it allows cleaning one window panel at a time from the inside and outside. These types of windows are safe and secure. They are equipped with locks which are burglar proof. Due to the large space this window gives when it’s fully opened, it can also be a means of emergency when one needs to escape the building.

Aesthetic Value of Double Slider Windows
The finishing of the double slider windows is what appeals. The modern designs use vinyl material which makes the window colorful and also bright. The glazing material also amplifies the outdoor view especially if the glass is crystal clear. Selection of UPVC makes all products shiny and easy to maintain. Some of the double slider windows have allowance for nets which prevent dust and mosquitoes. These types of nets are present as fixed or sliding from the outside. Since the whole idea can come from the customer, we have our obligation to meet the desirable functionality and design.

The sliding windows require minimal maintenance since rollers and strips are normally the ones that wear fast when the window is in use. The material selections resists rust and scratch hence maintain the elegance and reserves the superior quality of the window. The development of the window is quite involving but the outcome is very commendable.

We have all means and ways to come up with the right product for our customers especially when it comes to specifications and desires. Where double sliders windows are concerned, we immerse all our brains and hearts into the project to outdo previous accomplishes.

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