Are you in the market for replacement vinyl windows? Look no further, we can offer you expert advice as well as quality service and craftsmanship. We also provide price quotes at no charge. Our windows are made of uPVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) which ensures that our highly durable windows are resistant against rotting, warping, and chipping, as well as corrosion. Not only are they durable, but they aid in energy conservation as they contain properties that ensure quality insulation.  We offer the best vinyl window replacement Edmonton has to offer.

Reasons To Replace Your Windows

The most common reason for window replacement is aging due extreme weather conditions. If you notice any of these signs, it is time to replace your windows:

  • problems opening and closing your windows
  • wood frames are starting to rot
  • tiny cracks on glass or gaps in the frame are causing a draft
  • glass feels cold upon touch

Benefits Of Window Replacement

There are a substantial amount of reasons why it’s beneficial to replace your vinyl windows, some of which may not always seem obvious.  They are as follows:

  • help reduce energy bills
  • little to no maintenance
  • superb protection from severe weather conditions
  • protection against break-ins and theft
  • stay-clean glass
  • easy to open and close
  • better curb appeal if you are trying to resell your home
  • superior temperature control
  • reduces noise pollution
  • swivel glass options make cleaning easy, even on second story windows

Color Options Are Now Available

Thanks to modern technology we are now able to offer a variety of colors as we can coat our vinyl windows with materials that will not only adhere, but also expand and contract with the vinyl thus offering both style and outstanding durability. This high-quality coating is resistant to scratches and other types of damage,  but just in case the inevitable happens, they are extremely easy to repair.

Choose The Replacement Windows That Best Suit Your Needs

Customers are always asking which is the best type of vinyl replacement window? There is no simple answer as everyone has different wants and needs for their home. Think about what you are looking for in a replacement window. Are you looking for style, Quality, Cost-efficiency? One needs to take all of these factors in consideration when purchasing new or replacement windows. It wouldn’t be fair to simply select a window without taking all of your specific requirements into careful consideration. You need to consider factors such as weather conditions, energy reduction, size and style, cost and so forth. Take your time and talk to one of our highly trained professionals to get the best window replacement Edmonton has available.

For more information as well as a free estimate, contact Vinyl Max Windows and Doors. We offer the highest quality of  vinyl window replacement in  Edmonton. Our friendly and professional staff is looking forward to serving you and assisting you with any concerns you may have regarding replacement vinyl windows.

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