When it comes to Windows replacement Edmonton, the various replacement companies in the region will offer you varying incentives. For instance, you may be considering three window replacement contractors for the project. Two of your shortlisted companies submit quotes that are almost the same while the company gives a quote that is extremely low and all the companies claim that their windows are made of high quality material. Most home owners will definitely opt for the company changing a lower amount for the project. Well, in most cases this turns out to be a poor choice. When hiring a windows replacement company in Edmonton, you need to understand that the amount you pay will determine the quality of materials and services used in replacing your windows.

Unfortunately, some companies are reaping thousands of dollars from unsuspecting homeowners for window replacement projects. While few homeowners will realise this, such contractors will either install windows made of poor quality material or apply poor workmanship when replacing the windows in your home or office.

How Does This Happen?

In most cases, such contractors succeed by either concealing the right information from the consumer or giving false information to the consumer. In this regard, if the cost is thousands of dollars lower than the average window replacement cost in the region, you should be alarmed. When this is the case, some companies will use retrofit/insert installations. In such a case, the company will take advantage of your lack of knowledge and fail to mention the type of installation they will use to replace your windows. In other cases, the contractor will tell you that the installation will be of high quality, but again fail to mention the type of installation it will be. By so doing, the company will maximise on their profits, but fail to offer a lasting solution for your window replacement Edmonton issue.

The Difference between Insert and Full Frame Installations

Not only are these two window replacement installation methods different in appearance, the installation process of the two differs greatly as well. With regards to the full frame installation method of replacing windows, all the window parts are replaced, including the construction frame. In such a case, the contractor will also inspect the existing construction frame for any damage, such as mold and moisture. In the case of custom window replacement options, the windows are outfitted with new trim, jambs and brick mould. Although these window components do not get damaged easily, replacing them, during a full-frame replacement, ensures a thorough installation.

During a retrofit or insert window replacement, the majority of the old window parts are left in place. In this regard, only the frame and the glass components are replaced. Since the contractor will not take time to inspect the construction frame for damage, as is the case with full-frame installation, the window is left susceptible to rotting and moisture. To conceal this, the outer side of the window is done using either aluminium capping or caulking.

Although some companies will trick you through retrofit installations, there are still Window replacement Edmonton companies that are the honest. As such, you should do your research and ask the contractor questions to justify the low cost. Alternatively, you can just hire the well renowned and experienced companies like Vinyl Max Windows and Doors.


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