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Single Slider WindowsThe sliding windows are what most interior designers use when they want to maximize on classic and distinguished designs. There are double and single sliding windows. If one panel of the window is fixed while the other is allowed to glide on the upper and lower frames, this type of windows is called single slider window.
The window sash (“sashes” are the window movable panels) can also lift. The “lilt and slide” type is when the window sash tilts inwards at the top and then horizontally slides behind the fixed panel.
There are different models of the window based on the size and shape and creativity of the parties involved in the window design.

Qualities of the Single Slider Window
As any other type of windows, the single slider window provides sunlight and ventilation by allowing maximum flow of air in and out. The security is improved as it allows one motion-locking mechanism. The smooth silent sliding of the sash is provided by rollers which are along the bottom part of the sash while the noise is prevented by using strips. The ease of assembly is provided by the extrusions used in making the windows. The tilting and sliding mechanism also plays an important role in providing access to exterior parts of the window when cleaning. The window has also slots for fixing a mosquito net.

Durability and Aesthetic Value of the Single Slider Window
The beauty of the single slider windows is obtained by the finishing and the nature of the materials. Generally, the windows are crack resistant and durable. They are the most practical and easy to maintain; the probability that the material will rust is almost nil. Petite and elegant, the single slider windows can add style and a fresh look to any room, big or small.

Technology Incorporated in the Single Slider Windows.
The single slider windows have mechanisms that cater for easy locking, sliding, sealing, gazing, and soundproofing. The spacers are of standard and high quality. Most of the window parts we use are compatible with other brands based on quality and standardization.

Low E Glass
Our company also uses low E glass: low E is low emissivity, to be precise, low heat emissivity. What is it for and how it works?
In short, it’s all about energy efficiency. Glass, as any other materials, absorbs, reflects and emits radiant energy. We are talking about a special wavelength interval of radiant energy – ultraviolet and infrared light that can pass through glass. Window glass is highly heat emissive.

To improve insulation properties of the glass used for windows, special low-e coatings have been developed. There are two major types of low-e coating: pyrolytic and magnetron sputtering. As it is stated in Wikipedia, “The first involves deposition of fluorinated tin oxide at high temperatures. Pyrolytic coatings are usually applied at the float glass plant when the glass is manufactured. The second involves depositing thin silver layers with antireflection layers. Magnetron sputtering uses large vacuum chambers with multiple deposition chambers depositing 5 to 10 or more layers in succession.”

Applied to the glass surfaces, these low-e coatings reflect infrared light, keeping radiant heat on the side of the glass where it originated, while letting visible light pass. So, in summer low E window glass reflects radiant heat away, keeping it cooler inside. Energy-efficient windows reflect much more sunlight than normal glass windows. In winter is vice versa – it reflects indoor heat back inside. Using low-e glass results in more energy efficient windows.

Additives in the windows
In order to make the windows not to wrap, blister or crack, at our company we embrace the use of 100% PVC powder compound. Use of lead free products to make Vinyl-Pro windows is an added advantage to our windows thus exercising the new technology. These additives strengthen the windows and help them retain their color when hit by external influence. The modern research has allowed many different types of specific windows to be designed and used. We are aimed at making things simpler by focusing on cleanliness, ease of opening, safety and the aesthetic value of our products.

You can trust our specialists that have gained a great experience in dealing with design and installation of the different types of windows.

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