Many home design or remodel projects involve some level of window construction. This can be done to improve and existing window space or to change the space entirely. Some window replacement projects involve more detail than others and can be quite overwhelming in terms of design and construction. A perfect example of a replacement challenge is the construction of a bay or bow window from start to finish. In other words, installation of one of these windows in a location that it didn’t exist before. It is imperative that the owner is aware of the risks associated with these types of window installations prior to approving the project to begin.

Pros and Cons

The primary features of the windows are the extensions and the additional glass they present in design. These features are equally a pro and a con of the custom built windows. The design of a bay or bow window gives the room added space and the amount of space added depends on the selected size of the bay window. It is possible to add an additional six to eight square feet to the space in which the window is being built. When installing a window of this type into the kitchen, the extra space goes toward the sill. All sounds good but the downside of this feature is that it increases the possibility of condensation. Air circulation is kept to a minimum with these type of window installations and the extension part of the windows typically protrude away from eth home, making them experience colder temperatures.

Another benefit of these types of windows is that they give additional viewing area, which is an upgrade from the standard window type that only offers a two-dimensional view of the exterior. This feature presents an opportunity for fresh air to flow inside the house because the window is in the direct path of a breeze. The negative to this benefit is relatively similar to the other pro, it holds colder temperatures because the glass has more exposure to the outside. The big picture is although the windows are beautiful, they both present a risk of the home losing heat during the cold months.

The Beauty of the Bay

Although these risks are minor and can often be overlooked because of the beautiful details offered by the bow or bay window. Professional installation can lead to results that are breathtaking and completely change the atmosphere of a space. Take into consideration the amount of time saved with this part of the remodel because professional installation techs can have the windows designed, built and securely in place in very little time. Vinyl Max Windows and Doors are aware of the risks that are associated with these windows and always make sure clients know and understand the disadvantages. There are alternatives that work well or for the client that has to have a residential bay and bow windows installation, the trouble or disadvantages are a minimal sacrifice.


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